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Independent Audit

Kavram Bağımsız Denetim ve Yeminli Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş. that started to operate in 1988, with the authority certificates it acquires, makes audit in the name of the following cooperations:

  1. Capital Markets Board,
  2. Undersecretariat of Treasury,
  3. Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency ,
  4. Energy Market Regulatory Authority

Our services briefly are

I-Independent Audit According To The Legislation

  1. Audit of Publicly Held Companies According To The CMB Legislation
  2. Independent Audit According To Undersecretariat of Treasury Legislation
  3. Independent Audit According To Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
  4. Independent Audit According To Energy Market Regulatory Authority
  5. Independent Audit According To Duty Legislation
  6. Independent Audit In Accordance With Credit Demands

Our services briefly are;

II-Independent Audit In The Frame Of Costumer Demands

  1. Independent Audit To Determine The Real Situation Of Companies.
  2. Independent Audit To Determine The Transactions Of Purchase Of Companies, Value Determination, Turnover, Merger and Division.

III-Report Preparation

  1. Reporting In Turkish
  2. Reporting In English